All Natural Skin Tag Eraser Kit
All Natural Skin Tag Eraser Kit
All Natural Skin Tag Eraser Kit

All Natural Skin Tag Eraser Kit

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How would you feel if you were mole and skin tag free?

Would you feel more confident? More attractive?

We understand the frustration and even embarrassment that a mole and skin tag can bring. But it’s easier than you think to remove skin tags, and surgery is no longer your only option!
Extracted from all natural homeopathic ingredients, this topical remedy stimulates the skin for a safe and gentle removal of unsightly skin tags.
Simply apply three times a day on the affected area of your skin. This will dry up the skin tags and allow it to gently and gradually fall off on its own. No painful or stingy procedures!
Our Kits come with one bottle of Skin Tag Erasing Cream for removing existing skin tags and a bottle of Preventive Serum that will keep skin tags from growing back and fading away scars!


  1. Using a cotton swab, apply the Skin Tag Removing Cream (3ml bottle) on the affected area. Make sure to apply the same amount of ratio on your skin tag (1:1)
  2. Let it stay for 15 to 20 mins, then wipe off the cream (Don't remove using water or alcohol)
  3. Repeat the same procedure on the next day, and the coming days until the skin tag falls off
  4. Once the skin tag is completely removed, apply the preventive serum (8ml bottle) twice a week to keep the skin tag from growing back
Note: Make sure to keep the affected area from being wet at least 2 hours before application
Package Includes:
  • 1 x Advanced All Natural Skin Tag Eraser Kit